Standings/Reaction: Day 1

John Jo Kenny delivers a stone on the first day of WSCC 2013 competition Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

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(games won-lost)

Senior Men’s Group A:

Ireland 1-0
Japan 1-0
Latvia 1-0
New Zealand 1-0
Switzerland 1-0
Czech Republic 0-1
France 0-1
Italy 0-1
Norway 0-1
Scotland 0-1

Senior Men’s Group B:

Australia 2-0
Canada 2-0
Sweden 2-0
Denmark 1-1
England 1-1
Finland 1-1
Russia 0-1
United States 0-1
Germany 0-2
Netherlands 0-2

Senior Women’s Group A:

Austria 1-0
Canada 1-0
Japan 1-0
United States 0-0
Ireland 0-1
New Zealand 0-1
Russia 0-1

Senior Women’s Group B:

Scotland 1-0
Sweden 1-0
Switzerland 1-0
Australia 0-0
Czech Republic 0-1
Finland 0-1
Italy 0-1

Players Reaction, Day 1:


Following their 9-6 victory over England, Finland lead Matti Virtaala said: “England just didn’t get into the game early and had a tough time. The last six ends they really played well and were just unlucky in the beginning and we were the lucky ones.”

When asked about being in Canada to curl he said: “This is fascinating to us. Canada is the home country of curling to us in Europe so this is very exciting. We feel very good, the first victory is the hardest, but we got it now.”

Following their 5-4 come from behind victory against Scotland, Ireland skip Peter Wilson said: “I figured we’d get cover around the guard and lie two good ones and see if we can put the pressure on [David Hay]. I also knew he’d been hitting the whole game. In the last two ends he was playing a lot of hits and it was a fast sheet of ice and there was a chance he’d slip it and he did so.”

Ireland has John Jo Kenny, skip of the 2012 world senior gold medal team, as an alternate. Wilson believes having him on the team is a great benefit: “I’ve played with John Jo a few times before and he’s a good calming influence and of course he’s got the confidence from winning what he won last year. I’m looking forward to it immensely.”

After losing to Finland in the morning, England rebounded with a 7-2 win over the Netherlands. Skip Michael Sutherland said: “It’s a great relief. It really is because we had a disappointing performance this morning. So coming out and winning this afternoon has been a boost to our confidence.”

England picked up three points in the sixth end to take control of the game. Sutherland said: “It gave us a real boost, that little bit of extra confidence we needed. Basically we just had to run them out of stones and hopefully win the game and that’s roughly what we did.”


Canada defeated Ireland in the first senior women’s game of the week by a score of 8-2. Canada skip Cathy King said: “It’s good to come out firing, that’s for sure. It wasn’t our best game, but Carolyn [Morris] played really strong and that helped me to set up the end for my shots. It was a good feeling to get out onto the ice and get some of the jitters out. I think we’ll be better in the next game.

“I like to win every game. My expectations are the same. I want to make sure that the team is playing well and that we're sharp for when the time really counts. We have some stuff to work on. It's a work in progress.”

Following their 11-6 victory over Finland, Switzerland skip Erika Mueller said: “In the sixth end we were struggling a little bit with our tactics. We were unlucky with taking out our own second shot instead of hers and then I had a pick with my first rock. They took their chances and got their five, but we said ‘no, that’s it. Next end it’s our turn.’ Other than that sixth end, we had pretty good control of the game and it was sort of an accident.

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