Standings/Reaction: Day 2

Australian lead Jenny Riordan delivers a stone at the WSCC 2013 Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

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(games won-lost)

Senior Men’s Group A:

Switzerland 3-0
Ireland 2-1
Japan 2-1
New Zealand 2-1
Norway 2-1
Latvia 1-1
Italy 1-2
Scotland 1-2
Czech Republic 0-2
France 0-3

Senior Men’s Group B:

Australia 3-0
Canada 3-0
Sweden 3-0
Denmark 2-1
United States 1-1
England 1-2
Finland 1-2
Russia 0-2
Germany 0-3
Netherlands 0-3

Senior Women’s Group A:

Austria 2-0
Canada 2-0
United States 1-0
Japan 1-1
New Zealand 0-1
Ireland 0-2
Russia 0-2

Senior Women’s Group B:

Scotland 2-0
Sweden 2-0
Italy 1-1
Switzerland 1-1
Australia 0-1
Finland 0-1
Czech Republic 0-2

Flash quotes from players on Day 2:


The United States played their first game of the tournament and came out victorious by a score of 11-2 against Ireland. American skip Margie Smith was eager to play after her team received a bye on the first day. She said: “It’s hard to sit for a couple of days and wait and wait but the girls came out firing so it’s good. It’s always nice to start with a five [ender]. Yes, it was disappointing not to start the first day, but the bottom line is we’re rolling. It’s nice to have the first one done.”

Her team is looking to improve on their previous record at the World Senior Curling Championships. She added: “Our expectations are set pretty high, two years ago we came second in the round robin and worked at it really hard. Somehow we happened to not medal, so our expectations are pretty high. We just want to take it one game at a time and we’re just trying to stay calm and play our game.”

The Italian women picked up their first win of the tournament. They defeated the Czech Republic 6-5. Italian alternate Lorenza Depaulis said: “It went very well, we’re happy because we won!”

“It’s very nice being here. We enjoy the people and the players and the town and the organisations and the volunteers. Everything is very nice. We just hope to have fun this week.”


After losing their first game, the United States defeated Germany 10-4. They set the tone of the game by scoring four points in the first end. American skip Gert Messing said: “Picking up a four in any end is a great thing to happen. We don’t expect to pick up four usually, but it’s nice to take more than one when you have the hammer and force them to one when you don’t have the hammer.”

“With us being rookies at this senior championship it was very important for us to pick up our first win. It helped the whole team feel good and give us some confidence and hope we can build from there.”

The Australian team squeaked out a 5-4 victory against Russia. Australia is undefeated and in a three-way tie at the top of their pool. Skip Hugh Millikin, a nine-time Pacific-Asia gold medalist, said: “It’s been three tough games and we’ve struggled here and there but we seem to make the shot at the right time and got the three wins. We’re positioned okay, but we still have a lot of games ahead of us with the next six. 3-0 is great, but it really doesn’t mean much at this point.”

Their first game as a team was the first game of the championship, but team chemistry has not been an issue. Millikin said: “I think once you get to be a bit older, you’re perhaps a little calmer so you don’t see as many dynamic problems as you would in a young junior team. We all know each other, we had just never curled together as a unit, so it’s worked out okay.”

The Canadian men are also in the three-way tie for first place after beating England by a score of 7-3. Canadian third Keith Glover said: “So far, so good. We just hope to get onto the ice, keep making some shots and get rolling through the rest of the week.”

When asked if he wished for some close games to keep the team sharp he said: “Oh, sure, and I’m sure we’re going to have some, no doubt. It’s pretty easy to curl when you’re six or seven up. But Rob [Armitage] is curling well — everyone is curling well right now. We just have to keep it going.”

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