Standings/Reaction: Day 3

Japan skip Masayasu Sato calls the line on a shot. Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

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(games won-lost)

Senior Men’s Group A:

Switzerland 4-0
Ireland 3-1
Japan 3-1
New Zealand 3-1
Norway 2-1
Latvia 1-2
Scotland 1-2
Italy 1-3
Czech Republic 0-3
France 0-4

Senior Men’s Group B:

Sweden 5-0
Canada 4-0
Australia 4-1
Denmark 4-1
England 2-3
Finland 2-3
Netherlands 1-3
United States 1-3
Russia 0-4
Germany 0-5

Senior Women’s Group A:

Canada 3-0
United States 2-0
Austria 2-1
New Zealand 1-1
Japan 1-2
Ireland 0-2
Russia 0-3

Senior Women’s Group B:

Scotland 3-0
Italy 2-1
Sweden 2-1
Switzerland 1-1
Czech Republic 1-2
Australia 0-2
Finland 0-2

Flash quotes from players on Day 3:


Denmark scored single points in the seventh and eighth ends to secure a 6-4 victory over Germany. Danish skip, Bent Juul Kristoffersen, said: “We just wanted to make a draw so he couldn’t get two and we could force an extra end. It was a good game. Our first and second played well, our third and fourth wasn’t so good. There’s room for much improvement.”

“We have, what I would call, a couple of easy games now. We have to win them to have a chance at it all. Australia, Canada and the United States are coming up and we only have to lose one of them to be done.”

The Japanese team is tied for second place in their pool after an 8-3 victory over France. Japan third Tomiyasu Goshima said: “I think the first four games are very important. Right now we are 3-1 and that’s very nice for us. It’s better than we expected we would start. We’re very excited and feel very comfortable.”

“The ice has been mostly the same from the start of the tournament, but we noticed it is bending a lot. It’s difficult to learn it, but we are trying our best.”

Sweden took four points in the sixth end to help secure a 7-6 victory over Russia and stay undefeated. 2007 WSCC bronze medalist and Swedish skip Karl Nordlund said: “Well, all of our games have been tough. That's what we like. We don't play good enough all the time. We have some bad shots, but the Russians, I think they played really well this game. I can't be disappointed. We are very satisfied.”


New Zealand skip, making her 11th WSCC appearance, Elizabeth Matthews said the team rebounded with their 13-0 win over Austria: “We certainly hope to carry on momentum and continue playing to the best of our ability. We’re proud to be from New Zealand and we’ve got to keep up with last year’s tradition.”

New Zealand lost in the 2012 WSCC bronze medal final.

Scotland defeated Sweden 9-1 to become the only unbeaten team in Pool B. 1994 World Women’s silver medalist and Scottish skip Christine Cannon said: “I think we were playing very well. That was our best team performance and we were putting pressure on Sweden and making them play harder shots which is always what you’re setting out to achieve.

“That was a good one to get. Obviously, we’re fighting and trying to qualify out of our section. We thought that this was a game that if we could get the win it would put us one ahead of them, which is good.”

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