Standings/Reaction: Day 5

Halvard Kverne and Stig-Arne Gunnestad of Norway Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

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(games won-lost)

Senior Men’s Group A:

Switzerland 7-0
New Zealand 5-1
Ireland 4-3
Japan 3-3
Norway 3-3
Scotland 3-3
Italy 3-4
Latvia 2-4
Czech Republic 1-5
France 1-6

Senior Men’s Group B:

Sweden 8-0
Canada 6-0
Australia 5-3
Denmark 5-3
Finland 5-3
Netherlands 3-4
United States 2-4
England 3-5
Russia 0-7
Germany 0-8

Senior Women’s Group A:

Canada 4-0
Austria 3-1
Japan 3-2
New Zealand 2-2
United States 2-2
Ireland 1-3
Russia 0-5

Senior Women’s Group B:

Scotland 5-0
Sweden 4-1
Italy 2-2
Switzerland 2-2
Australia 1-3
Czech Republic 1-3
Finland 0-4

Flash quotes from players on Day 5:


Team Sweden kept their flawless record in tact after a 9-1 victory over England. After the game Swedish skip and 2007 WSCC bronze medalist said: “We are just happy. We are still wondering how it’s possible we’re undefeated. We hoped to get to the semi-finals, but we didn’t know if we were good enough. We have one more match and hopefully we’re in the semi-finals."

The Netherlands picked up a 7-4 victory over Germany. After the game Netherlands skip, Wim Neeleman, said: “The ice is very keen and there is a lot of swing. For the rest of the game we made it very defensive and that’s our game. We don’t have as much experience, so normally we play a defensive game and try to get their stones out. They have to make the game and then we just have to follow them.”

The Czech Republic picked up their first victory of the tournament. They defeated Norway after stealing a single point in an extra end to make the score 6-5. After the game, Czech Republic lead Vratislav Cizl said: “We are happy because we think this game was very hard to win and Norway were the favourites. But we still won. We’re very happy in this moment and we will see what will happen the two next games.”

New Zealand continued their winning ways by defeating Latvia 8-2. Hans Frauenlob, New Zealand skip and four-time Pacific-Asia Curling Championship gold medalist said: “We’re going pretty good. We were a bit scrappy in that game so I think we’ve got some stuff we need to work on. We’re leaving a lot out there. It’s good to get a win because every win is important now that we’re getting to the back half of the tournament.

“I think we’re struggling a bit with the weight. The ice is running super quick so we’re missing some sweep reads and we’re throwing things a bit deep in the house. It’s small stuff, but overall I think we’re playing pretty well. Weight control is so important on this ice.”


The Australian team picked up their first ever victory at the women’s World Senior Curling Championships in grand style. Down 10-0 after three ends, the Aussies came back to win the game 11-10 in an extra end. Australian skip Lynn Hewitt said: “When I went and threw my first rock I just said to the girls ‘Isn’t this great’, I’m just so happy. I just come out here and it’s so exciting to be here. I love coming from behind because we’ve got nothing to lose and we just give it our all.

“They usually say you can 'one (point)' a team to death, but looking at our score we needed a lot of twos, so we had to 'two' them to death, and that’s what we did.”

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