Standings/Reaction: Day 6

Team Sweden is one of seven teams to clinch a semi-final berth at the WSCC 2013 Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

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(games won-lost)

Senior Men’s Group A:

x - New Zealand 7-1
x - Switzerland 7-2

Norway 5-3
Scotland 5-3
Ireland 5-4
Japan 4-4
Italy 3-5
Latvia 3-5
Czech Republic 1-7
France 1-7

Senior Men’s Group B:

x - Canada 7-0
x - Sweden 8-1

Australia 6-3
Finland 6-3
Denmark 5-4
United States 3-4
Netherlands 3-5
England 3-6
Russia 1-7
Germany 0-9

Senior Women’s Group A:

x - Canada 5-0
Japan 4-2
Austria 3-2
United States 3-2
New Zealand 2-3
Ireland 1-4
Russia 0-5

Senior Women’s Group B:

x - Scotland 5-0
x - Sweden 5-1

Italy 3-2
Switzerland 3-2
Australia 1-4
Czech Republic 1-4
Finland 0-5

x – denotes semi-final berth

Flash quotes from players on Day 6:


Sweden defeated Finland 11-2 and clinched a spot in the semi-finals. After the game, Swedish skip Ingrid Meldahl said: “Of course it's exciting when you get to the playoffs. This is our 10th season together and we've been in the playoffs eight times before. So for us to be here once more in our 10th year, it's very nice. Of course, we want another gold in Canada. We have one from Edmonton in 2007. If we could repeat that, it would be perfect.”

Canada also clinched a position in the semi-finals with a 12-1 win over Austria. After the game, Canadian skip Cathy King said: “We seem to be just rolling right along, and it feels good. The girls are continuing to play well, and it makes my job easier out there.”

Canada has now won 48 games in a row at the Women’s World Senior Curling Championships. King said: “Well, you know, it’s how you finish [that matters]. The tough ones are still coming up here, so we need to continue playing well. We care about winning this event. If the [streak] goes with it, then that’s great. But it’s a matter of wanting to win the last one. That’s what really counts.”

The United States defeated New Zealand 8-6. After the game, third Norma O’ Leary said: “That was an absolutely huge win. This was a very, very big game for us to be in position. We gave up three in the first end, but we showed some character to come back. We're glad to still be in a position where we feel like we control our own destiny. We might need a little help, I'm not sure, but all we can worry about is winning our game tomorrow. That's definitely our goal, and we feel we can do it.”


Team Canada clinched a semi-final spot after their 5-2 win over Sweden, who were previously unbeaten. After the game, skip Rob Armitage said: “We played well, and that’s exactly what I wanted to see happen out there. It kind of reminds me of Abbotsford [where Armitage’s team won the 2012 Canadian senior men’s title to earn the right to play in the 2013 World Seniors]. By mid-week we really had it rolling and we were well-adjusted to the ice.

“I’ve always said we wanted to run the table here. But we still haven’t clinched first. If we can win one more to finish first, that will give us the hammer in the semifinal. And the big thing then is to get into that gold-medal game. The hammer is big for us; we’re pretty good front-runners.”

Hans Frauenlob, New Zealand skip, is playing in both the World Senior and World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships in Frederidcton, New Brunswick. He capped off his four-win day with a 7-3 victory over Switzerland. After the game he said: “It's an unbelievable day for New Zealand curling. I'm just delighted that we've put ourselves in a position to do something, and we've managed to come up with good games when we needed them. There's a ways to go yet, but, yes, a really great day for us.”

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