Standings/Reaction: Day 7

Canadian skip Robert Armitage delivers a stone at the 2013 WSCC Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

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Senior men’s semi-finals:
New Zealand vs. Sweden
Canada vs. Switzerland

Senior women’s semi-finals:
Canada vs. Sweden
Scotland vs. Austria


(games won-lost)

Senior Men’s Group A:

1. New Zealand 8-1 (will play Sweden in semi-final)
2. Switzerland 7-2 (will play Canada in semi-final)
3. Scotland 6-3
4. Norway 5-4
5. Ireland 5-4
6. Latvia 4-5
7. Japan 4-5
8. Italy 4-5
9. France 1-8
10. Czech Republic 1-8

Senior Men’s Group B:

1. Canada 9-0 (will play Switzerland in semi-final)
2. Sweden 8-1 (will play New Zealand in semi-final)
3. Australia 6-3
4. Finland 6-3
5. Denmark 5-4
6. United States 4-5
7. England 3-6
8. Netherlands 3-6
9. Russia 1-8
10. Germany 0-9

Senior Women’s Group A:

1. Canada 6-0 (will play Sweden in semi-final)
2. Austria 4-2 (will play Scotland in semi-final)
3. Japan 4-2
4. United States 3-3
5. New Zealand 3-3
6. Ireland 1-5
7. Russia 0-6

Senior Women’s Group B:

1. Scotland 6-0 (will play Austria in semi-final)
2. Sweden 5-1 (will play Canada in semi-final)
3. Switzerland 4-2
4. Italy 3-3
5. Australia 1-5
6. Czech Republic 1-5
7. Finland 1-5

Flash quotes from players on Day 7:


Scotland defeated Italy in their final game of the round robin. They secured first place in their pool and will play Austria in the semi-final. After the game Scottish skip Christine Cannon said: “I think topping the group was a bonus. Initially, it's just about getting out of your group, but to come out on top is good because that obviously avoids Canada in the semifinals. That's the team you probably want to avoid. We'll just be ready for whoever turns up against us tomorrow.

“We've made it to where we want to be. Now, it's a one-game scenario, one game at a time so we should be up for tomorrow's game and hopefully play well.”

Canada defeated the United States 6-4 in their final game of the round robin. They will play Sweden in the semi-final. After the game, Canadian skip Cathy King said: “They made us play, and they played well. It wasn’t our best game, and the ice started out a little differently today. It was a little heavier and then it got lightning fast. It went from the heaviest we’ve played to the fastest, so that threw us off a little bit for draw weight. But we figured it out.”

Canada will play Sweden in tomorrow’s semi-final. King said: “We’ve seen (Sweden) play some good games this week. I guess we’ll both be in the same boat playing on new ice. The different might be playing with the lights (electronic hog-line detection handles) on the rocks and they might have a few more problems than us.”

Austria defeated Japan 11 - 7 in a tiebreaker to secure the final spot in the latter stages of the tournament. Austria will play Scotland in their semi-final game. After the game Austrian skip Veronika Huber said: “I’m very proud of it. We didn’t think we could get so far. We did our best and tried everything. We’re really fighting and we’ve really enjoyed it. Playing against teams like Canada, Scotland and Sweden is an honour. We’ll have to see how we get along.”

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