Standings/Reaction: Day 4

Scottish skip Christine Cannon. Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

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(games won-lost)

Senior Men’s Group A:

Switzerland 6-0
New Zealand 4-1
Japan 3-2
Norway 3-2
Ireland 3-3
Italy 3-3
Latvia 2-3
Scotland 2-3
France 1-5
Czech Republic 0-5

Senior Men’s Group B:

Sweden 6-0
Canada 5-0
Australia 4-2
Denmark 4-2
England 3-3
Finland 3-3
United States 2-3
Netherlands 1-4
Russia 0-4
Germany 0-6

Senior Women’s Group A:

Canada 4-0
Austria 2-1
United States 2-1
Japan 2-2
Ireland 1-2
New Zealand 1-2
Russia 0-4

Senior Women’s Group B:

Scotland 4-0
Sweden 3-1
Switzerland 2-1
Italy 2-2
Czech Republic 1-2
Australia 0-3
Finland 0-3

Flash quotes from players on Day 4:


Ireland defeated Russia 8-4, thanks in part to scoring four points in the seventh end. Ireland skip, Marie O’Kane said: “The Russian girls played very well with three players and they made some lovely draw shots and really put us under pressure. It feels good to come back and win the game. We had to really concentrate. Making draws has been very difficult; we struggled with that in the first two games. So I’m very happy and very happy for my team.”

The Japanese defeated the United States in an extra end that saw Japan draw to the button for the 5-4 victory. Japanese third, Hatsue Hirama said: “It was very exciting and we were very nervous during the game. Winning in an extra end with a draw to the button was a very nice way to win the game.”


Switzerland downed Scotland in an impressive come from behind victory. Down 5-3, Switzerland scored four points in the last three ends. Swiss skip and 1984 European Curling Championships gold medalist, Werner Attinger, said: “It was a tough game. Curling has to be played until the last rock. We had one really bad end and you have to bring it home when you’re in front and sometimes it’s more difficult to come back.

“We’ve known them for 30 years. We played them in the Europeans in ’84. It’s a friendship because we know each other so well, but it’s very competitive. I’m happy to be the winner in the end.”

Scotland rebounded later on in the day and defated France 8-3. Scottish skip and 1991 World Curling Championships gold medalist David Hay said: “We’re really disappointed with three defeats in five games, which is terrible to be honest. In all three games we were one up coming home, twice with the hammer, once without and one in an extra end. We were on the wrong side of the half inch in the last couple of games.

“The ice is superb and the stones are good, so we’ve just got to hang in there and hope the results go our way and have an outside chance at the playoffs.”

Italy stole two points in the final end to defeat Latvia by a score of 4-3. Italian skip Carlo Carrera said: “We are just fighting not to be the last in the class. We had Ireland this morning and we were so happy to beat them. So we said, let’s try and win another one, and we did. We remained concentrated to the end and I think that helped. My friends are so happy and that’s curling. That’s what it’s all about.

“We’re just taking no risks. That’s the way we’ve been playing. When we take risks, we’re not precise enough and that’s why we’ve lost some of the games before.”

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